Friday, March 14, 2008

My biking world

Okay, so here is the deal. I have been riding a road bike (not a motorcycle) for the past couple of years. My skills are nothing great, but I love to get out and ride. Hitting 20-30 mph under my own power is just plan fun. Last summer I borrowed a friends bike and road through some trails at Shawnee Mission Park... the first time on the easy side, the second time on a more challenging side. End result... loved it.

Now my primary love will continue to be road bikes, but now I am hooked on mountain biking as well. So, what did I do... I went out and bought a new bike. Not a $4-5,000 version, just a nice entry level bike to hit the trails with. End result in the garage - 3 bikes to my name, and then 3 bikes to my wife and kids name. Six in all. My wife said, one has got to go. Mountain bike and road bike stay, comfort bike used for paved trails will now go...BTW take a peak at craigslist if you are interested.

With all this in mind, be ready for some updated blogs on mountain biking, road biking and general outdoor stuff going forward...summer can not come soon enough for me!

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