Monday, March 24, 2008

My new bike...

Okay, here is the post that you have most likely been waiting for it (well, maybe not, but here it is anyway)... This is my new ride... my new ride for the trails around Shawnee Mission Park, for the single track trails in Lawrence and around the area where a road bike just will not do. The old bike (my road bike) got a quick ride this past weekend - ahhh the joy of it... The new bike = fun... and the old bike = fun. I love them both equally.  In reality though, the road bike will get ridden the most since I love the "porshe like feel" that comes with road bikes, but the mountain bike will be ridden alot because I want to cross train and experience what "the other guys" are talking about when they ride single track - speed with white knuckle turns... to be honest, I really do like single track. Time will tell which is ridden more, but right now that is the plan.

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Tish said...

hey mike!

thanks for sending me your blog link. you'll have to blog about the youngins! i miss hearing about them :)

take care!