Friday, March 14, 2008

My photo albums - why these 2

I recently added a few pictures on my blog from my trip to Colorado in 2006 and some from last summer when my Dad and I built a deck on the back of our house.

I look at the climb as one of the most difficult things I have done in recent memory - basically 6-7 hours of climbing with only a few moments of rest - starting at 3:00AM so I could get back before the thunderstorms - feeling like I took the wrong path on the final push to the top - feeling lost on the way down. Physically and emotionally this was a journey. As Dad approaches his treatments, this will be a difficult challenge for him - both mentally and physically.

Building the deck on the back of my house with Dad showed me that when a person is slow and thoughtful, pays attention to detail, does not rush through the process - rather makes sure he is doing it right, that person will always end up with better results. This will be the same with Dad's treatment, paying attention to the details and not rushing - doing it right. When we built the deck, we worked as a team, but we knew when to move over and ask for help. This was a very physical and emotional effort (I hate to admit I need help sometimes), but when it was done and I could say, "Dad and I did this." When I sat on my deck last fall, I thought about Dad and how rewarding it was to work with him. Now I cannot wait to share moments with him this summer.

His upcoming journey will be physically and emotionally tough on him. The trail up the mountain will be long and grueling. It will be littered with doubts and concerns, but I know he will make it. We will be there for him when he stops to ask for help. We will be there for mom when she stops to ask for help. Together we will get through this, and will look back at this like my photos and memories - as a journey.

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